Newborn Session Prep Guide

Covid-19 Update
Due to California’s shelter-in-place protocols, newborn sessions will take place at the clients’ residence instead of my home studio for the foreseeable future. Enhanced precautions will include: wearing gloves and a mask, more verbal posing to reduce client contact, more parent participation in posing and settling the baby, only allowing cohabitating family members present for the session, and maintaining safe social distances as much as possible. If you or a family member are experiencing fever, chills, or coughing, please contact me to reschedule. Although the prep guide below is written for studio newborns in mind, most of the information is still accurate. I strive to continue to meet the highest standards of safety and quality! Thank you for understanding!

In order to get those cozy, curled up baby photos, we will schedule your newborn session before your baby is two weeks old. We will pencil your due date onto my calendar and be in touch right after your baby is born so we can finalize the date and time for your newborn’s photos. Newborn sessions are scheduled on weekdays at my home studio in San Jose/Campbell.

What to expect
Upon arriving to the studio, we will take a few minutes to get everyone settled. We will undress your baby, wrap them in a blanket, and give them a nice feed if needed. As soon as your bub is happy and sleepy, I will take them off your hands and get started. The studio will be kept very warm for your baby’s comfort. We will take pictures of your baby with siblings, together as a family, with each parent, and by themselves. I often have white noise turned up to help calm your baby. Your baby will cry every once in awhile, but please be assured that they are in great care and being lovingly handled! Anticipate being at the studio for 2-4 hours. Feel free to bring some reading material or catch up on sleep!


Siblings are more than welcome to attend your newborn session. Portraits with siblings will be taken at the beginning of the session. Since it can be difficult for little children to be patient for the entire duration of a newborn session, please make arrangements for them to be taken home or to the park after their portion is complete.


If you are nursing, consider avoiding spicy food, caffeinated drinks, or dairy products that might upset baby’s tummy for 24 hours preceding your session. If you plan to circumcise your baby boy, please schedule your session before the circumcision takes place or at least five days after to give the site a chance to heal.

What to bring

Baby should be dressed in a loose fitting outfit that snaps or zips all the way down so we don’t have to lift clothing over their head. I have wraps, props, and accessories in the studio, so don’t worry about bringing anything more than milk. The studio is also stocked with newborn diapers, wipes, and blankets. Babies sometimes eat more at their session than at home, so consider bringing an extra bottle or two of pumped breastmilk or formula.

It is very helpful to have a pacifier for your newborn session to soothe your baby when we transition poses and will allow you to get more poses from your session. I have individually wrapped and sterilized pacifiers in the studio.


I know it’s hard to resist bringing lots of cute outfits for your newborn session! However, most newborns don’t like having their clothes changed and it might take awhile to calm them after each outfit change. If you have any outfits or sentimental items that you’d like your baby photographed in, I will do my best to incorporate them into our session workflow, but we will always follow the baby’s lead.


What to wear

I love neutral palettes: ivory, blush, grey, peach, and navy are my favorite go-to colors. You might also consider choosing colors that compliment the tones in your home so when your images are displayed above the mantle, they match your decor perfectly! Moms should wear something that is comfortable and flattering. Aim for a natural, matte look for your makeup. Both partners should make sure their nails are well groomed as they will be in a lot of pictures. Avoid clothing with logos or graphics. A polo, button down, or t-shirt with jeans or slacks always looks great for dads. Consider bringing a spare change of clothes because you might get peed or pooped on!



Newborn safety is taken very seriously. My studio is completely disinfected after every session. All linens that come in contact with your baby have been washed with unscented, hypoallergenic detergent. I always wash my hands before handling your little one and make sure to disinfect them often during our session. If it is flu season, I often wear a face mask as well. I will never photograph newborns while I am sick and will notify you as soon as possible if there’s any hint I might be coming down with a bug. Newborns will never be posed in unsafe positions. Please speak up if you feel uncomfortable with anything during our session!


But most of all…Relax!

The most important thing I want parents to remember is to relax! Our session will be dictated by what baby does and doesn’t want to do and that’s perfectly ok! We will roll with it. If your baby is fussy or crying, try not to get frustrated as babies are smart and can pick up on your anxiety. Don’t worry if it takes awhile for your baby to settle. It’s all a part of the newborn photography experience! I look forward to meeting your little one and capturing these sweet and precious beginnings.